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Distribution of Gloydius halys in the Novosibirsk region is much wider than previously thought

Our short report on discovery of new marginal populations of the Halys Pit Viper (Gloydius halys) was published. These findings extend the known range of the species approximately 100 km to the west.

Опубликован наш краткий отчет об обнаружении новых краевых популяций обыкновенного щитомордника (Gloydius halys). Эти находки расширяют известный ареал вида примерно на 100 км к западу.

Simonov E., Lisachova L., Lisachov A. 2021. Discovery of new marginal populations of a regionally vulnerable snake, the Halys Pit Viper (Gloydius halys). North-Western Journal of Zoology, 17(1), 149–151.

Phylogenetic position of Caligus lacustris (Copepoda: Caligidae) is clarified

With our colleagues from Petrozavodsk and Novosibirsk we made the first phylogenetic analysis of the parasitic copepod Caligus lacustris Steenstrup et Lütken, 1861, the only freshwater species of the genus. Its phylogenetic position implies that specialization to freshwater habitats had happened once in a group of species that included the predecessors to C. centrodonti, C. curtus, C. brevipedis, and C. lacustris itself. See the paper below for the details.

Parshukov A.*, Vlasenko P.*, Simonov E.*, Ieshko E., Burdukovskaya T., Anikieva L., … Solovyev, M. 2021. Parasitic copepods Caligus lacustris (Copepoda: Caligidae) on the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss in cage aquaculture: morphology, population demography, and first insights into phylogenetic relationships. Parasitology Research, 120 (7), 2455–2467.
* contributed equally to this work

Fragment of the Figure 3 from the cited work

Launching of Ranavirus project

Our postdoc Dr Artem Lisachov got governmental funding for the screening of ranavirus infection (Ranavirus sp.) in ectothermic vertebrates in West Siberia. Our lab is going to be the first in Russia to carry out large scale screening of emerging diseases affecting wild populations of reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Rana amurensis | Siberian wood frog in the picture © Evgeniy Simonov

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